About Sean in the Woods

The idea behind Sean In The Woods is something I had dreamed of doing for a very long time. As a child, I grew up next to a National Trust woodland and spent a lot of my free time scrambling about in the woods, foraging, and bringing home wild treats to enjoy with the family. After spending more than 7 years in London, training under some of the best Michelin-starred chefs, I still had a hankering for those carefree days, and truly believe that every one of us has that same desire to give in to that inner-child urge and return to those carefree times.

My Background

I trained at South Downs College and was inspired to excel in fine dining and to be Michelin star trained. I have realised a lot of this and had the good fortune to work for, amongst others, Marco Pierre White, Michel Roux Jr. at Parliament Square, and Gordon Ramsey at Royal Hospital Road, being taught by the very best in the business.

Taking a Leap

Now it is the time for the next step: Sean In The Woods has been designed for both the adventurous, and the not so adventurous. The idea is to give you the opportunity to leave the rat race behind for a couple of days and bask in the best that the British countryside has to offer. I want you to have time to relax, free your mind, and boost your creativity. To aid this, I will indulge you with the best food, cooked and prepared using traditional methods, inviting you to join me in as much or as little as you wish.

What We’ll Do

During my events, I will be showing you different methods of cooking using wood and charcoal fires. You have the opportunity to experience many different skilled, rarely used techniques, go on guided foraging walks, take part in discussions about preservation methods, and discuss picking, preparing, and cooking seasonal produce. My ultimate aim is for you to return to your day job refreshed and energised with a new zest for life.